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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Most of the people are suffering from hearing impairment these days because of the increasing noise pollution. Hearing impairment or hearing loss is caused due to several reasons such as excessive use of various gadgets like iPods or mobile phones for prolonged period. Continuously being exposed to loud or rash sounds, old age, and ear ailments are other reasons that can lead to hearing problems.

Hearing loss causes communication problem, which can sometimes lead to depression and other complications. Hearing aids are one of the ideal solutions that can transform the life of the person suffering from problems of hearing. Several hearing aid devices are available in the market these days that differ in styles and types.

Hearing aids are of generally of two types, between which people can choose as per their preference. The first option is the 'In the Ear' hearing aids, which are worn by the people inside the outer ear and are generally hidden behind the ear. The other option available is the 'Behind the Ear' hearing aids that connect speaker in the outer ear to the ear mold at the back of the ear. A microphone and amplifier is fitted in the ear mold for the device to function properly. These types of hearing aids are generally used by people suffering from severe case of hearing loss.

Digital Hearing aids are based on either analog or digital technology, where former is more pocket friendly. Analog audio technology converts the sound waves entering the ears into electrical signals and amplifies them. It can be conveniently adjusted as per the preference of the location and difference in the noise levels. On the other hand, digital audio technology facilitates the user with the delivery of higher voice quality and less background distortion. In addition, it is more expensive as compared to the analog devices.

Depending upon the preference and requirements, individuals can choose amongst the different types of hearing aids available in the market.

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Ricky said...

Certainly today it is not as difficult as it was in the earlier years when people had no alternative but live with the impairment. Now there is solution and you must take benefit from it.

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Hearing aids are becoming the more popular choice for many people to hear well again.Hearing aids can notably improve a person's quality of life by making surrounding noises more audible.

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