Technological Advancements Leads to Advanced Hearing Aids Solutions

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hearing loss has become a prominent problem that affects life of millions of people around the world. The best solution that can help people overcome this problem is hearing aid. Four types of hearing aids are available in the market, namely Behind the ear, In the ear, Completely in the canal and Receiver in the canal. Behind the ear hearing aid is fitted over the ear and rests behind the ear. In the ear is a hearing aid that fits inside the ear and is suitable for people having mild to severe hearing loss. In the canal hearing aid is custom built according to the size of the wearer’s ear canal so that it fits perfectly inside the canal. Completely in the canal, also known as invisible hearing aids fit completely inside the ear canal of a person. These are known as invisible hearing aids because they are hardly visible from outside.

Several manufactures are engaged in providing hearing aids to people that are at par with industry standards of quality. Siemens hearing aids and Phonak hearing aids are two leading names in the market offering superior quality hearing aids and excellent hearing services to customers. Siemens hearing aids are designed keeping in mind the needs of people. Phoenix and Cielo models are among the two most widely accepted line of hearing aids offered by Siemens.

Phonak hearing aids are equipped with number of features like automatic volume adjustments and auto pilot, makes it a viable option. The Valeo and Elva are two models of Phonak hearing aids offering sixteen channels. In addition, these hearing aids can be also tailored to meet the wearer’s requirements.

Wearer can choose from the different options available for hearing aids according to their preference and after consulting an audiologist.

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Enhance Hearing Efficiency With Digital Hearing Aids

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Digital hearing aids have become one of the most demanded products that help people overcome the problem of hearing loss. Considered to be a revolutionary invention and one of the best hearing aid solutions, digital hearing aids have gained massive recognition among people, including practitioners and audiologists.

Digital hearing aids capture the incoming signals from microphone and then convert these signals into digital signals. These digital signals are further converted and processed into digital formats with the help of computer chip, before getting converted into analog sound that is delivered back to the ears. Digital hearing aids are capable of amplifying even the softest sound and eliminating background noises to provide clear and digital quality sound to the wearer. Algorithm are written depending upon the digital signal processing and thus providing customization of digital hearing aids according to hear loss percentage of an individual.

Digital hearing aids are versatile, highly durable and comfortable, offering multifarious features to the wearer. These offer features like digital speech enhancement, digital feedback reduction, directional microphone, digital static protection and digital noise reduction. Owing to these, digital hearing aids are considered one of the dynamic and best hearing aid devices that enhance hearing efficiency.

Hearing aids are available in varied forms that differ in terms of size, shape, cost and hearing loss characteristics. In order to know which digital hearing aid is best, one should take hearing advice from an audiologist. Hearing advice by audiologists proves to be beneficial as they examine the patient and thereafter recommend hearing aid that best suits his or her needs. Wearers can try different range offered by different brands and depending upon their requirements and budget as well as advice of audiologist choose the best hearing aid.

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